Main Dishes


Every Italian grandma's nightmare: a classic with tofu, that can't taste good.

But this lasagna can not be undercut. 

By using plant-based products instead of animal-based ones, you reduce the carbon footprint by 31%.


My new favorite sauce: Ginger Teriyaki! 

Fresh and crunchy vegetables in a ginger-soy-garlic sauce with an extra serving of jasmine rice. 

By using peas instead of chicken breast, you'll reduce the carbon footprint by 40%.

Chili Con Coffee

If I'm honest, the title already sounds a bit like a bad joke and you're probably thinking "are you serious"?

Yes indeed and it tastes really delicious! Try it yourself it's super easy and it does not taste like coffee, do not worry :)! 

By using tofu instead of beef, you'll reduce the carbon footprint by 39%.

Tofu Banh Mi

Marinated oven baked lemongrass tofu on homemade pickled carrots wrapped in a crispy light baguette. This dish not only sounds delicious and exotic, but is my version of a typical Vietnamese dish. 

By using tofu instead of pork, you'll reduce the carbon footprint by 46%.

Vegan Tofu Skewers

Whether on the grill or in the pan, these plantbased skewers are not only very tasty, but also the more sustainable choice for the next barbecue celebration. With a homemade tofu marinade, this skewer will quickly make its animal counterpart look pale. 

By using tofu instead of pork, you'll reduce your carbon footprint by 66%.

Pasta Primavera

No time to cook? This creamy  pasta with fresh baby spinach and cherry tomatoes are cooked in no time and taste fresh and mediterranean. 

By using soy cream instead of cream, you'll reduce the carbon footprint by 29%.